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  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

David began his journey into the world of strength and conditioning at the age of 14 after he met Craig and became interested in training.  His main interest was focused on bodybuilding style movements for the first 3 years, which was later coupled with powerlifting.  Although he was making continuous gains in strength, David grew tired of working with the same routine week after week. It wasn't long after January 2013 that he got bored with the same movements and plateaued. That summer he began participating in crossfit style workouts and realized there was an entire dimension of fitness he had never scratched the surface of.  After this new found interest, it wasn't long until David obtained his "Crossfit level 1 trainer" title and began teaching others of this lifestyle.  Life outside of the gym is spent working on his family's grass-fed beef farm with his father Jonathon.  David thanks God for the blessing and the ability to make a living doing two things he loves, while having the full support of his wife Stefanie along the way.

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