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kelly owens

  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

 I ran cross country and track competitively in high school and college. Being the type of person who likes a challenge, I started incorporating weightlifting into my running training through the guidance of high school wrestling coach, Coach Bubba. So, I was this skinny runner girl, lifting “heavy” stuff every day after cross
country and track practice with a bunch of football and wrestling guys.
After high school and college, I continued running and lifting…every day. After
running for so many years and for so many miles, my mind and body was ready
for a new challenge…I also love challenges!
       So, as an almost 40 year old at the time, I found out about CrossFit. The Ashland YMCA advertised a “CrossFit Style” class. I joined and liked it a lot but was always searching for the real deal. So, thankfully, Craig opened 419 on
December 15, 2015, which happens to be my birthday (Totally meant to be, right?!) Since that first day, I fell in love with the sport and the people who push hard and sweat with me every day.
       Coming from a ‘the thinner you are, the faster you will run” mentality and always struggling with an extremely poor body image and disordered eating, CrossFit has been my saving grace in so many ways. No longer is thin the goal. Strong is the new one, and I am embrace this new shift. I am learning to love my body more and more each day, no matter the many faults I used to focus on.
       Our CrossFit family at 419 makes our gym the most uplifting and supportive place I know. I enjoy seeing so many wonderful men and women find new goals for themselves and truly learn how strong their bodies and minds can become. I get goosebumps when a member hits a PR or just keeps going when his or her body and mind wants to quit. Anyone, no matter ability or age, can be a part of CrossFit and truly find out just how amazing the human spirit is and can become.
       On a personal note, I am married to Brian who understands how much I need CrossFit in my life and barely complains if I spend 2 hours a day working out (Happy wife, happy life!). We have three energetic and creative boys, twins Noah and Ian, and our youngest son, Ryder. All three boys enjoy doing KidsFit at 419 and plan on joining the regular classes when they are older.

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