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  • Member Experience Director

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I started my Crossfit journey in September 2015. I had my 2nd son in February 2015, had just finished up a softball season and "thought" all things considered I was in decent shape. Well that first night/week of Crossfit begged to differ! I was sore, exhausted, challenged but in love! This was that competitive, physical drive I needed back in my life. I was always very active and big into sports growing up but then as an adult the intensity of activities decreased. I did some of the typical lifting, elliptical, jogging in years prior to Crossfit but usually seemed like something I HAD to do. I love that the WODs vary so much day to day and are enjoyable making it something you WANT to do. I knew early on that I one day wanted to coach. I wanted to help people find what they were missing in their lives just like I did. When I see members succeed with a movement, hit a new PR or simply excited to see I'm coaching that night, it is such a rewarding feeling! Our gym is so much more than just a gym, it truly is our "family." Some of my best friends I have now are only due to Crossfit. As dramatic or cheesy as it may sound, Crossfit has truly been a life changing experience-physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, etc.


On a personal note, I'm married to my husband Josh with two small boys, Greyson and Barrett. Crossfit has also greatly impacted our family life as well. Josh is part of the 5:30a crew so I can workout/coach in the evenings. Greyson wants to be on American Ninja Warrior and work out at the gym. Both boys want to be big and strong like mom and dad while even practicing box jumps, wall walks, movements with PVC pipes etc at home. If you have ever wondered what Crossfit is all about, stop in and check us out!


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

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