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What is CrossFit?




(Always changing)

Every class is different

Never the same workout twice

(How we move in real life)


 squatting= sitting on a chair

deadlifting= picking something up off the ground

(Elevating heart rate)

Short bursts of intense training with periods of rest



But what if I can't do all the movements?

This is one of the top questions we gets asked. No one in the gym can do all the movements that are in every workout so we scale back the movements or the intensity. This way anyone at any ability level can workout together, doing the same program, side by side. 

I'm scared to try it.

CrossFit is just exercise. We stretch out/ warm up. We do some lifting. And then we do some cardio. We do all of this with a certified coach in the class watching and assisting to make sure all movements are done safely with proper form. We lift barbells and teach you how to lift them correctly. We do a lot of bodyweight training, running, jumping and gymnastic type movements. Our coaches won't even allow you to attempt handstand push ups and rope climbs until you have proven your ability on other movements. So not only are you not required to do certain movements but the chances are good we won't even LET YOU do certain movements if you wanted to.

Very, very few people can come into CrossFit and do everything that we do. Almost everyone needs to scale movements down to their ability level and work up to more advanced options over time. The process of accomplishing new goals is what makes it great. This is not a program you can come into and master everything in a few months.

Anyone can do CrossFit. In 3.5 years we have never turned anyone away. You might be shocked at what you are actually capable of.

CrossFit can change your whole life. Mentally as much as physically. You have to put in the work though. There is no secret to CrossFit. It is hard. But it is hard for our advanced athletes just like it is hard for our brand new athletes. Without effort there is no reward.

If you want to get into a program that is guaranteed to change you......message me. Nothing about CrossFit is easy. But nothing about CrossFit should keep you from joining us. We have experienced coaches that will teach you form before load and basics before advanced.

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